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Terms and Conditions for the National Council Meeting of ELSA Germany in Heidelberg

SEPA Direct Debit Mandate

Creditor identification number: DE76 6725 0020 0009 2939 57

Mandate reference: will be issued separately

Payment type: One-off payment

I hereby authorize ELSA-Heidelberg e.V. to debit a one-time fee of 50,00 € from my account for the participation in the National Council Meeting from 06. to 09.06.2019 for booked Friday arrival or 65,00 € for booked Thursday arrival. At the same time I instruct my credit institute to redeem the direct debits drawn by the payment recipient ELSA-Heidelberg e.V. to my account. Note: I can request a refund within eight weeks of the debit date. The conditions agreed with my bank apply.



Terms and conditions for the ELSA Germany National Council Meeting in Heidelberg


§ 1 General things
The following terms and conditions regulate all contractual relationships between ELSA-Heidelberg e.V. (host) and the participant regarding the ELSA Germany National Council Meeting in Heidelberg from 06. to 09.06.2019.


§ 2 Conclusion of contract 
(1) By clicking "Apply now (at my own expense)" the participant makes a legally binding contract offer regarding the participation in the National Council Meeting in Heidelberg. 
(2) The contract is only concluded through an explicit confirmation mail, regarding the application, from the host to the participant. ELSA-Heidelberg e.V. reserve themselves the right to refuse certain application without stating any reasons for doing so.
(3) By submitting the form the participant ensures the form has been filled out correctly and personally. The participant also ensures to be of legal age or to have the neccessary consent from his legal representative to conclude the contract. If the participant willingly or grossly negligently states false or vague facts, the host is entitled to demand compensation for any damages, that occur because of said statements.


§ 3 Host's obligations 
(1) The host commits himself to arrange accomodations for the participant during the time of the National Council Meeting (06. to 09.06.2019) in Heidelberg. There is no entitlement to the described accomodation.
(2) The host also commits himself to provide food for the participant during the meeting. This includes dinner on friday, breakfast lunch and dinner on saturday and breakfast on sunday in particular. There is no entitlement to free drinks during the meals.
(3) The host also commits himself to grant the participant free entry to every activity during the meeting, which espacially includes the social and academic program. This applies to international guests and alumnis as long as they participate in the regular program. Additional program has to paid by the international guests and alumnis themselves.
(4) The host reserves himself the right to postpone the National Council Meeting to another date or to cancel it completely, if unusual circumstances, which the host is not at fault for, force him to do so. In this case the host has a contractual right to withdraw. Already exchanged payments have to be refunded.


§ 4 Participant's obligations
(1) The participant has to behave himself during the whole event, in particular he is not to obstruct the National Council Meeting, not to disturb other participants or represantitives of the host or not to endanger third parties.
(2) In case of a violation of § 4 Section 1 the host is allowed to exclude the participant from parts of or the whole National Council Meeting. Other statutory rights belonging to the host are not limited by this. In this cases a reimbursement of the participation is not possible.
(3) The participant commits himself to fulfill his contractual obligations. The participation fee is due instantly. The participant commits himself to grant the host a SEPA direct debit mandate for the collection of the participation fee. 
(4) If the participant's account does not have enough coverage or if the collection is impossible due to others reasons, which the participant is at fault for, the participant has to pay the costs, espacially the chargeback fees. The host reserves himself the right to withdraw the contract in these cases.


§ 5 Right of revocation
(1) The participant is entitled to revoke the contract during the first 14 days without stating reasons why.
(2) The revocation period is 14 days starting with the contract conclusion. It starts with the revocation instruction at the earliest.
(3) The revocation has to be directed towards the host in a way, which clearly indicates the participant's intent to revoke.


§ 6 Consequences of revocation 
In the case of revocation already paid participation fees will be refunden during the first 14 days. The period starts with the revocation's receipt. There will be no further refunds.


§ 7 Liabilities
(1) The participant is responsible for every damage to legal assets of the host or third parties, he is at fault for.
(2) The host is not responsible for accidents, lost items, thefts or other kinds of damage, as long as the following rgulations say otherwise.
(3) The host is responsible for any damage, which is caused by violations of life, body or health, if it was cause by a negligent breach of duties of the host or a willing or negligent one of the host's legal represantitives or helpers.
(4) Furthermore the host is responsible for any other kind of damage, which was caused by a grossly negligent breach of duties by the host or a willing or grossly negligent one of the host's legal representativs or helpers.
(5) In the case of a negligent violation of essential contractual obligations, caused by the host, his legal representatives or helpers, the host ist only resposible for the predictable damge, which is typical for this kind of contract. Travel costs are paid by the participant or his local group in all cases.


§ 8 Data privacy 
For the duration of the contract relationship the host is allowed to collect and process the participant's personal data. The host has to observe the data provacy laws.

§ 9 Use of image and film recordings

(1) By concluding this contract, the participant agrees that images and film recordings, which are taken during the referent meeting, may be used for marketing and presentation purposes by ELSA Germany. This includes contributions on Facebook, official websites, brochures and other materials that are relevant to ELSA Germany.

(2) In addition, the participant agrees that the faculty groups of ELSA Germany may use these recordings for the purposes stated in § 9 (1).


§ 10 Final regulations 
(1) Only the Federal Republic of Germany's law is used. The UN sales law and collision of laws are excluded.
(2) Individual changes and additions to this contract have to be in written form. This also applies to this clause.


§ 11 Severability clause
If certain regulations of this contract are invalid or impracticable or if certain regulations became invalid or impracticable after the contract's conclusion, it will not affect the effectiveness of the rest of the contract.


Established: ELSA-Heidelberg e.V., 15.04.2019





By clicking on the "Register now for a fee" button, I agree to the SEPA Direct Debit Mandate and the General Terms and Conditions set out above. The price of the event depends (if possible) on my additional information in the registration. It is always at least 50 €.

Privacy Policy

To sign up, you must accept our privacy policy. After your registration we collect and store the data in the content management system (CMS) of the website of ELSA Germany. The data will be forwarded via encrypted e-mail to the Heads of OC of the 63th National Council Meeting of ELSA Germany in Heidelberg and CMS exported to our local database for further processing.


We use your information to organize the event, in particular

1. we print some of the data (name and faculty group) on your name tag and badges,

2. we print some of the data (name and faculty group) on the attendance lists,

3. we insert some of the data (name and faculty group) into the protocol template for the individual workshops. These will be uploaded to myELSA/Shared (Google team drive of ELSA Germany) for the network of ELSA Germany after completion,

4. if necessary, we use your contact data (name and e-mail address) for the dispatch of event-relevant materials (eg confirmations, invoices).


You have the opportunity to object, in whole or in part, to the use of your data for these purposes at any time by sending an e-mail with your objection to secgen@elsa-germany.org. Afterwards, we will stop sending further information immediately and your data will be deleted. In this case, we may be unable to answer your request and have to exclude you from the event.